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Emsworth Sailing Club CoW week. I am also Boson at Emsworth Sailing Club two days a week.  This week they have what they call Children on Water week (CoW).  The weather has been amazing and 100 kids have been enjoying their […]

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Savannah Britain: Daily Mail More publicity : Who knew that dead grass could be big news!   The mail did a feature showing before and after shots of various places around the UK.  

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Furnace Friday : The Sun

The Sun News paper featured an aerial shot originally taken for Portsmouth Evening News of Southsea Castle showing how parched the grass has become.  Sadly Solent News got the credit but it’s a VolaDrone picture and I have […]

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Scorched Southsea The Portsmouth Evening News ran an article on the Parched grass of Southsea Common.  Check out the link to see footage supplied by VolaDrone  

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Movie Update: Gangland Revenge

Gangland Revenge   My friends at Jack In The Box Films have now changed their name to West One Entertainment. Their film formerly known as The Pugilist has also been remarketed as Gangland Revenge. Voladrone provided the aerials […]

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The Beast from the East: Portsmouth News The Portsmouth News facebook page ran this Voladrone video showing are snow coverage all the way down to the seafront. We don’t normally have snow like this in southsea so it is a start contrast to the […]

Mavic Air

The Mavic Air

    It’s here!. The new DJI Mavic Air. This is something that I wouln’t mind whipping out in public and love in my arsenal.  Casey Neistat is much better at telling it than me so watch him demonstrate with […]

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The DJI Spark   Watch Casey Neistat demonstrate this tiny machine…   I have used one of these little pups and SJI claim you can fly it without a controller using just hand signals.  Not quite perfected yet and there […]


Movie Update: The Pugilist

My Friends at Jack In The Box Films are soon to release this great movie. It has been screened at the 71st Edinburgh International Film Festival and was nominated for ‘Best British Feature Film’ and ‘Best Performance in a British […]


Bembridge Harbour Entrance at low water   I love boats and just love being on the water so Tides are an important to me and its nice to know what is exactly underneath as the water rapidly disappears from beneath you. Bembridge Harbour […]


Royal Navy Clearance Divers Memorial Garden

The Royal Navy Clearance Divers are based on Hornsey Island.  Here they have built a small garden together with the Fareham College to remember their fellow divers that are no longer with us. Follow this link for the short […]