Is your Pilot-Operator legally allowed to trade – as a minimum the Law requires they have:

  • An up to date PFAW issued by the CAA.
  • Insurance.
  • Public liability.

Do not hire Pilots who cannot provide these details.

All commercial drone operators in the UK must have a “Permission For Aerial Work” (PFAW) issued by the C.A.A. (Civil Aviation Authority). Gaining this permission involves theory tests and a flight assessment from a recognised C.A.A. certification centre.
Each job entails a thorough Risk assessment and flight plan, and in certain circumstances the flight plan has to be submitted to the C.A.A., this would mean that before a flight can be undertaken we have to wait for their agreement or recommendations.

You are responsible in making sure that whoever you task with taking video or stills photography with a drone has this Permission, if they have not they will be breaking the Law and will not be insured or have public liability.

The CAA publishes a list of companies that hold a current “Permission For Aerial Work” authority. A link can be found here: C.A.A. published list. This link changes and is updated every quarter, if this link has expired search in a browser for: CAA SUA operators.