Your input on the Brief is vital, some people have a clear idea as to what they want to achieve, if you are unsure please let us help you.
Remember that lighting is a huge factor in any video or photography shoot, so the more planning the easier it is for everyone and the less likely hours of post production work will need to be undertaken with editing or colour correction to get your desired effect.

Below are some pointers to help make things smoother:

  • You need to provide us with details of the Location.
    • Full address including postcode – this will ascertain whether it is actually legally possible to do your shoot and if it is safe to fly.
    • Is it an inside or an outside shoot?
  • Subject matter i.e. what will we be shooting?
  • Date and time of shoot.
  • Do you know of any local hazards? e.g.
    • Power lines or pylons.
    • Mobile phone mast.
    • Low telephone cables.
    • Trees etc.
  • Do you own the land-structure and have permission to allow us to film?
  • Do you have or need permission from individuals that might be in shot?
  • Budget, depending on the Brief i.e. location, editing requirements, time of day, how many of us are required on site, depends very much on our charges. You may just need a Pilot and his drone, or a Pilot, a camera operator and a drone, which of course will be less than if a whole production team is required, let us help you work this out.
  • Editing, you have to decide if you want the RAW video footage or unedited stills or if you want us to do editing for you.
  • Remember when shooting outside the weather plays a huge part in the whole process if there is rain or high winds with grey and flat light then it will almost certainly be a no go, safety is our primary concern.

Once all of this information is gathered and passed onto us we at VolaDrone can start our Pre-Flight survey to ascertain if there are any other factors that need to be considered.